Australian Curriculum Humanities and Social Science resources

Encourage your students to think creatively about the world around them and respond to issues in an informed manner. This collection includes curriculum-aligned resources that focus on Civics and Citizenship, History, Economics and Business, and Geography to ensure that your students develop an understanding of society.

Australian Curriculum Arts resources

Transform your classroom into a space where students strive to reach their potential by allowing them to explore their imagination and creativity. This collection contains a variety of resources, including journals, games, and workbooks, to inspire your students to create, design, and express their ideas.

Australian Curriculum Science resources

Empower your students by developing their scientific knowledge and making sure they are equipped to make informed decisions about the world around them. This collection contains a range of curriculum-aligned resources to help your students understand the basic concepts of Science.

Australian Curriculum Mathematics resources

Ensure that your students develop the numeracy skills needed inside the classroom and beyond with this curriculum-aligned Mathematics collection. There are numerous ready-to-use resources to choose from, including revision tasks, posters, playdough shapes, and more!

Australian Curriculum English resources

Foster learning in your classroom with ready-to-use English resources, ranging from classroom decor to lesson ideas and comprehensions. Use this collection to help your students develop important literacy and communication skills needed for education and the workplace.

Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education resources

We’ve created this collection to help you support your students as they learn about their own and others’ health, safety, and well-being. It contains ready-to-use resources to develop an understanding of the self, to form meaningful relationships with others, and to build resilience.

Australian Curriculum Technology resources

Encourage your students to learn about technology with these ready-to-use resources that cover Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies. This collection includes interactive resources such as presentations, posters, games, and activities.