Star Seller: Mrs Morgie’s Moments

From tests and tasks to stories and activities, Star Seller: Mrs Morgie’s Moments has teaching resources to help your primary school kids learn English.

Star Seller: Alles oor Afrikaans

Afrikaans HL and FAL teaching resources for Grades 4–7. Browse this Seller Spotlight: Alles oor Afrikaans collection on Teacha!

Australian Curriculum English resources

Foster learning in your classroom with ready-to-use English resources, ranging from classroom decor to lesson ideas and comprehensions. Use this collection to help your students develop important literacy and communication skills needed for education and the workplace.

Core competencies: communication and collaboration

Enhance communication skills while promoting teamwork. This collection includes resources about the core competencies: communication and collaboration.

isiXhosa resources

Teaching a language is that much easier when you have supporting teaching materials. This collection offers a great selection of resources, from lessons and activities to flashcards and posters, to help you cultivate an appreciation for isiXhosa in the classroom and beyond.

isiZulu resources

Whether you’re teaching isiZulu as a home language or an additional language, this collection will help you teach with ease. It has a great selection of activities, posters, and readers you can use to help your learners take pride in their heritage. Best of all, they’re interactive, which is sure to keep your learners engaged!

Celebrating languages in the classroom

How you can support multilingualism and mother-tongue learning in the classroom.

Classic comprehension resources

Comprehension plays an essential role in language learning. With these great comprehension, reading, and language-in-context resources, you can make sure that your students develop their critical thinking skills and are able to derive meaning from text.

Build a foundation for reading skills

Building a good foundation for vocabulary growth is essential. If your students are able to read well from the beginning, it will benefit them in all areas of academics. Take a look at this resource collection of High-frequency words, sight words and CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.