BIC® Stationery is rewarding engagement and community in the teaching profession


The idea that teaching is one of the most challenging professions is not lost on anyone, let alone BIC® Stationery, a brand in continuous awe of all educators. This is why the brand has used the ‘Colour Your Classroom’ campaign as an opportunity to reward teachers with exciting prizes that can breathe new life into teaching spaces. 

BIC® Stationery recognises the importance of community in the teaching profession. As a social species, we all need community. Positive social interactions and relationships support our well-being by providing us with feelings of belonging, security, support, and purpose. During the uncertainty brought along by the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring that teachers and learners are provided with support remains a priority. This acknowledgement is what birthed the BIC® Stationery Teachers Facebook Group – a destination for tips, creative inspiration, and conversations about life as a teacher in South Africa. In this group, teachers are provided with access to discover not only community and engagement, but empowering resources for themselves and their learners too.

BIC® Stationery believes all teachers should be life-long learners themselves. This Facebook group provides content focused on teaching tips and ideas for the classroom, and beyond. For example, in a recent BIC® Stationery webinar with an all-star panel of educators, teachers discussed unconventional teaching methods and tips. They covered topics that included the importance of communication with learners’ parents in Covid-19, establishing a routine in a child’s home life, play-based learning, and creativity in the classroom.

With the latest phase of the ‘Colour Your Classroom’ with BIC campaign, BIC® Stationery will incentivise teachers to join a community, engage with each other, and stay informed on teaching tips by trading this behaviour for the chance to win a range of prizes. As part of the entry process to win the campaign’s cash prizes, which range from R10 000 to R25 000, teachers must become members of the BIC® Stationery Teachers Facebook Group. Upon entering, teachers will be provided with a referral code to share with other teachers, creating a wider reach of participating educators. The more their code is used in sign-ups, the better their chances of winning a cash prize. This assists in BIC® Stationery’s mission to access and support as many teachers as possible.

Be sure to share the news from ‘Colour Your Classroom’ with BIC with any teacher you know. The more we normalize and open up channels of support, the better we are able to face each challenge that may have also been brought on by the current times we live in. Community and support are key, and we can do more when we work together.