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FET Term 2 Exam Prep  Teacha!

Are you looking for effective ways to prepare your children and learners for the upcoming Term 2 exams? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of summaries, practice tests, and exams is here to help you. Whether you’re a teacher seeking inspiration for setting up exams or a parent wanting to provide additional practice at home. With these teaching resources, you can be sure that your learners and children are well-equipped to excel in their FET Term 2 exams.

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Grade 11


English HL Lit June Exam 80 marks + MEMO (Gr11 or 12) - Othello Essay and Cont. Questions + poems.


This Term 2 English Home Language Literature Paper contains an Essay Question on Othello.  The question asks for an Essay about the following THEMES : SECTION A -  Write an Essay of +400 words about the Themes running through the story of Othello. Bear in mind to expand on the main ones such as Love, Jealousy (and Betrayal) Appearance & Reality and Racism.  Expand on each of these. The other option is a set of CONTEXTUAL questions about the same extract which leads onto the Essay question but there is a choice between Essay and Contextual.                                                         /30/ SECTION B - Poems: Walking Away by Cecil Day-Lewis OR Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day (Shakespeare)                                          /25/ SECTION C - Unseen Poetry Warning by Jenny Joseph OR Several Limericks (Short humourous poems)                                                          /25/   Includes Glossary of Terms for Unseen Poems.                                              Grand Total = 80 marks A highly Customisable Resource prepared in Ms Word.  Questions are presented in an unambiguous manner with clear instructions in relation to the various Sections and their options.  Can be used for Revision purposes.  Includes Comprehensive Memorandum. Compiled by D. West  / Educational Writer and Artist.  

Grade 12