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Grade 1 is an exciting time in a child’s schooling and an important time in their development. This is when children are introduced to the wonderful world of literacy! They will learn to read and become more independent.

Since little ones are so keen to explore and learn new things, why not start preparing them for ‘big school’ with these stimulating resources? They cover a wide range of topics – from numbers to literacy, sight words, and beginning sounds – making sure that your learners are ready for Grade 1 in no time. Show them early on that learning can be loads of fun!

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Ready for School: School Readiness Workbook 2.


We have added a new resource to our collection: Ready for School: School Readiness Workbook 2. "When children start formal education, they are expected to have reached certain developmental milestones and have the basic skills necessary for formal education. All children go through these developmental milestones at different stages, and some may need extra help mastering specific skills. For example, a child who stills battles with correct pencil grip may find the initial writing tasks more challenging than those who have mastered this skill." This resource was compiled by an occupational therapist and aims to support and consolidate the early foundation skills necessary to support school readiness." The school readiness activity book consists of various PDF worksheets, activities, exercises, and videos to support children's school readiness skills. Fine motor activities to develop pencil grip and scissor skills Pre-writing Activities Body concept and Emotions Visual and Auditory Perception Activities Spatial Perceptual Skills Visual Sequencing Letters of the alphabet (lower case) (tear and paste, color and beginning sounds) General guidelines to support school readiness. Workbook consists of full colour as well as black and white worksheets. However, quality of the pictures is such that they can be printed in black and white or grayscale. 72 Printable pages. This resource is available in English and Afrikaans: (Gereed vir skool: Werkboek 2) 

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Number Recognition Activities 0-10 - Cut and Paste - Printable and Digital


Need an activity for practicing number recognition for numbers 0-10 with your kiddos that will be fun and engaging? These hands on cut and paste math pixel art mystery pictures are perfect for getting your students focused on number identification! With printable and digital versions included, you will be able to use these number sense activities no matter what life throws at you - whether you are teaching in person or doing distance learning! I have done all the hard work for you! All you need to do is choose which pages you want, print and use them! You can even use them without printing if you use the Google Slides version I have created! You could also choose to skip the cutting and pasting activity if you have less time or resources. Your kiddos could complete these worksheets by doing colour by number instead! This fun Number Recognition Activities set includes: Clickable contents for easy navigation Teacher information Answer key showing all completed pictures 2 Different spelling options: "color" and "colour" 22 worksheets with different pixel art mystery pictures - Number 0: focuses on 0 - Heart: focuses on 0 - Number 1: focuses on 1 - Balloon: focuses on 0-1 - Number 2: focuses on 2 - Helicopter: focuses on 0-2 - Number 3: focuses on 3 - Ball: focuses on 0-3 - Number 4: focuses on 4 - Traffic light: focuses on 0-4 - Number 5: focuses on 5 - Fish: focuses on 0-5 - Number 6: focuses on 6 - Ambulance: focuses on 0-6 - Number 7: focuses on 7 - Tree: focuses on 0-7 - Number 8: focuses on 8 - Cake: focuses on 1-8 - Number 9: focuses on 9 - Yacht: focuses on 2-9 - Number 10: focuses on 10 - House: focuses on 3-10 3 Printing options for the worksheets Full colour - for if you are able to use all the colours I have used Partial colour - for if you need to change any colours Black and white Squares Pages for students to cut out and mystery pictures - 2 options Colour squares - print on white paper Black line squares - print on colour paper Digital Google Slides version Your kiddos will love practising number recognition and developing their number sense as they stick colour squares in place by matching numbers and revealing a pixel art mystery picture!