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This CAPS-aligned collection was bundled together to help you with lesson prep for various subjects and ensure that your Grade 6 learners are set up for a successful year. These resources are summarised, saving you time and energy to focus on other areas in your classroom.

3134 GR 6 History Term 1 SOCIAL SCIENCE SS SUMMARY • Teacha

Grade 6 History Term 1: Mapungubwe - Summaries in Powerpoint and PDF format


Gr.6 History Term 1: Mapungubwe summary with beautiful visual illustrations. (in line with the content of Platinum Social Science Learner guide). Works well for presentations in the classroom, as well as for exam preparation. Effective motivational and visual learning aid that organizes learning outcomes. Paying attention, categorization, memorization, and acquisition of knowledge are all cognitive processes addressed in these materials. (Works very well for learners with ADHD, autism, and other learning disorders.) A Powerpoint presentation (62 pages) and PDF Summary (15 pages, print-friendly) are included in this product. TOPICS INCLUDED: Term 1: An African kingdom long ago in southern Africa: Mapungubwe Unit 1.1: Changes in communities in the Limpopo Valley between 900 A.C. and 1300 A.C Unit 1.2: Mapungubwe: The first state in Southern Africa 1220–1300 Unit 1.3: Golden Rhino and other artefacts Unit 1.4: Trade across Africa Unit 1.5: World Heritage Site: Mapungubwe & The Order of Mapungubwe Unit 1.6: Great Zimbabwe Unit 1.7: European explorers in Asia at the same time as Mapungubwe Suitable for class presentations and exam preparation. Guidelines for permission of use: No commercial use of any part of this product is permitted. Personal and classroom use is allowed. You are welcome to print and distribute the PDF summary to learners in your own classroom for exam preparation. For households, you can use and print for all children in your household. (1 license for 1 teacher’s classroom, no time limit. Or 1 license per 1 household, no time limit) The product may however not be redistributed to other classrooms, or learners outside of your classroom. If you bought this product for your household, you may use for all children in your household, but not redistribute to anyone else. Illustrations may not be used or resold. You are however welcome to refer this product with a link to this product page. (In fact, that would be much appreciated!) Thank you, and I hope you find the product enjoyable and useful. Venita Oberholster Netwerk Plus THIS PRODUCT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN AFRIKAANS.