Resources that celebrate World Environment and Oceans Day

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With World Environment and World Oceans Day just three days apart, it’s only fitting to prepare some tasks and activities that bring attention to both these world-friendly awareness days.

Here are some resources that celebrate our environment and the oceans that inhabit it.

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Multiplication Facts Fluency Game - 1 Times Table Review - Printable and Digital - Underwater


Need a game for practicing multiplication facts fluency for the 1 times table with your kiddos that will be fun and engaging? This underwater themed math board game is perfect for getting your students focused on multiplication facts for 1! With printable and digital versions of this multiplication facts activity included, you will be able to use this board game no matter what life throws at you - whether you are teaching in person or doing distance learning! Save 20% on this resource with my Underwater Times Tables Board Games Bundle - you can find it in my store! If you choose to use the printable version of this game, prep includes printing, laminating and cutting. If you choose to use the online game there is no prep required! The online games are hosted on my website,, and require an internet connection. Neither you nor your students will be required to create an account in order to access the game – all you need is the link, which you will receive in a pdf when you purchase this product. You will be able to access these games indefinitely for as long as my website remains active. IDEAS FOR HOW TO USE THIS TIMES TABLES ACTIVITY If you are using the printable version of this game - Use as a math center - Use in small groups - Use the question cards on their own as flash cards If you are using the online version of this game - Assign just the task cards for students to practice individually - Assign the board game for students to practice together in groups of 2-4. Students will need to work together on the same computer/device. - Use the game with the entire class if you have an interactive whiteboard (Smartboard)! Simply divide the class into 4 groups (one for each fish) and allow the students in the groups to take turns to come up and move their group's fish and do the task cards when required. - Parents can play the board game with their children to help them practicing their times tables for homework or in a homeschool setting. This fun Multiplication Fluency Board Game resource includes: Clickable contents for easy navigation Teacher information Printable game - How to play - game instructions - Game board - Question cards Different printing options for the game board and card backs so you can choose how much colour ink/toner you wish to use, or just print in black and white! Set of 24 digital task cards - Interactive drag and drop format - - match the correct answer to a given question - - match the correct question to a given answer - Self-checking - Students are challenged to finish before the time runs out, developing multiplication fact fluency Digital board game - Dice that rolls - Auditory instructions - ANIMATED fish pieces for students to move around the board - Students are rewarded for completing task cards before the time runs out! Your kiddos will love practicing their 1 times table with this fun underwater themed board game!

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How To Write A Persuasive Article With An Environmental Theme (9-14 years)


Persuasive Writing work packs are essential for all students wanting to develop their literacy skills and improve their grades in English assignments and examinations. Persuasive Writing work packs teach children how to write from different points of view and how opinions can be used to make articles biased. This series of work packs will enable the student to write convincingly in letters, leaflets, brochures and newspaper articles for example. The packs include a lively collection of writings, poems and a play to inspire the pupils. These are designed as starting points, ideal for the student who finds it difficult to think up ideas for writing, challenging them to recreate their own persuasive pieces. In addition to this, the packs teach organisational and literary devices in persuasive writing, including, figurative language, emotive words, repetition, connectives and use of good vocabulary. The student will learn how to consider writing for the appropriate audience, how to vary sentence types in order to make writing more interesting, and the importance of using good spelling, punctuation and grammar. Each work pack includes an exciting range of model answers and sample texts written by students and provides practice questions to test them. Common errors made by students are highlighted and corrected. They are packed with vital hints and tips to enable the pupil to be successful and gain good grades. The work packs are ideal for home study and will reinforce the work done in school. They may be purchased in any order. There are a number of titles to choose from. The packs are a useful resource for teachers and save hours of time when preparing lessons or homework tasks. Each pack provides specimen planning sheets and essays in non fiction writing topics. The model essays contain information that will give children starting points to develop their own ideas. Children will learn fundamental skills in non fiction writing. 17 pages