Grade 9 Term 1 resources

Gr 9 Eng • Teacha

We’ve bundled this collection so you can have a range of teaching materials at your fingertips. These resources are sure to keep your learners engaged throughout your lessons.


The Seven Elements of Art


This bundle includes handout and worksheet covering the seven elements of art. It includes: Line ➢ Types of line ➢ Meaning of line ➢ Line conveying emotion ➢ Types of line use ➢ Line creating pattern Colour ➢The Colour Wheel ➢ Primary Colours ➢Secondary Colours ➢Tertiary Colours ➢Colour Schemes: Monochromatic, Analogous, Triadic, Complimentary, and Split-Complementary. ➢ Warm and Cool Colours Texture ➢ Texture types ➢ Different textures ➢ Drawing texture ➢ Drawing techniques ➢ Texture rubbings Shape ➢ What shape means ➢ Types of shape ➢ Negative and positive space ➢ How shapes can be used ➢ Creating polygonal geometric art This file includes both example handouts and activity worksheets. Shape and Form ➢Shape: circle, square, rectangle, triangle ➢Form: Sphere, cube, cylinder, pyramid ➢Geometric Shapes ➢Geometric Forms ➢Organic Shapes ➢Organic Forms Form ➢Understanding form ➢ Shading form ➢ Understanding light source and shadow ➢ Shading form using value scales ➢ Shading form using different drawing techniques ➢ Shading an organic form Value It includes value scales using: ➢ Primary colours ➢Secondary Colours ➢Tertiary Colours ➢Line: Scribble, stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, zig zag. Space ➢ Types of space in art ➢ Different examples of space ➢ Composition ➢ How space conveys meaning ➢ One point perspective ➢ Two point perspective This 72 page bundle includes both example handouts and activity worksheets.