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🎉 108 Charades Cards – Christmas in July Party Games 🎉

Holiday Family Activities | Fun for Kids and Adults | Printable Party Games

Make your “Christmas in July” celebration a hit with our 108 Charades Cards! This festive and versatile game is perfect for kids, adults, and family gatherings. Whether you’re celebrating at home, on the beach, or at a summer holiday party, these charades cards will provide endless entertainment and laughter.

🌟 What’s Included: 🌟

108 Charades Cards: A mix of Christmas and summer-themed charades prompts, perfect for a fun twist on traditional charades.

Instruction Sheet: Simple and clear instructions on how to play charades, suitable for all ages.

Printable Format: Conveniently printable cards that you can easily cut out and start using right away.

Full Size (1 per 8.5 x 11″): Ideal for easy handling and reading.

👑 Why Choose Our Charades Cards?

Engaging and Fun: A lively game that encourages interaction, creativity, and lots of laughter.

Easy to Use: Ready-to-print cards and straightforward instructions make setup quick and simple.

Versatile Themes: Combines the festive cheer of Christmas with the warmth and fun of summer, making it suitable for all seasons.

Portable and Convenient: Instantly download and print the cards, making it easy to take the fun wherever you go.

📌 Important Note:

This product is a digital download, ensuring instant access to all the game materials. No physical item will be sent. Celebrate with creativity, fun, and meaningful connections while minimizing waste and environmental impact!


💡 How to Play Charades:

Download and Print: Instantly download the charades cards and print them at home.

Cut Out the Cards: Cut out the printed cards and shuffle them.

Divide into Teams: Split your group into two or more teams.

Act Out the Cards: Players take turns drawing a card and acting out the prompt without speaking, while their team tries to guess what it is.

Score Points: Teams earn points for each correct guess within a set time limit. The team with the most points at the end wins.


Ensure your “Christmas in July” celebration is filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments with our 108 Charades Cards. Download your charades game today and get ready for a festive and fun-filled time! 🎄🌞🎉

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