Daily Mathematics and English Vocabulary practice.


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Daily Mathematics and English Vocabulary practice.

The idea behind the “Brain Booster Book” is to give your learners daily practice in the basic Mathematical and Language skills needed to perform other tasks in class.

The English page in the book encourages learners to look up 2 words a day in the dictionary and provide a definition, synonym, antonym, part of speech and number of syllables for each word.

The Mathematics page gives a number for the day and asks for the word form and place values and then asks the learners to double it and round off and do some basic addition and subtraction that focuses on place value. There is also a section for daily mental maths problems.

The beauty of this booklet is that it is a template that you can adapt to suit your needs in the classroom. You choose the numbers, mental maths problems and vocabulary based on where your students are.

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