Artwork/Clipart: All artwork and clipart used are self-generated. Resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental. Alle kunswerke en prente wat gebruik word is self gegenereer. Enige ooreenkomste met werklike persone of gebeure is toevallig.

Resource Description

Enhance your classroom’s fraction instruction with our comprehensive set of A4 wall cards, meticulously designed to aid learners in distinguishing between various fraction sizes. Consisting of 12 visually appealing cards, each showcasing a different fraction size, this resource provides an invaluable tool for deepening students’ understanding of fractions.

With clear and distinct representations, these wall cards offer a hands-on approach to learning fractions, allowing students to visually compare and contrast different fraction sizes. From wholes to twelfths, each card features vivid illustrations and precise labeling, enabling students to grasp the concept of fractions with ease and confidence.

Whether used as a reference during lessons, displayed on bulletin boards, or incorporated into math centers, these wall cards serve as a versatile resource for educators. Encourage exploration and discovery as students interact with the cards, fostering a deeper comprehension of fractions and promoting mathematical fluency.

Transform your classroom into a dynamic learning environment with our A4 wall cards, designed to support learners in mastering the intricacies of fractions. Empower students to unlock the power of fractions and build a solid foundation for mathematical success!

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