Resource Description

Lesson Title: Showing Interest Through Echoing

Time: 90 minutes

Aim: To practice techniques such as echoing, asking questions, and making personal responses to effectively show interest in business conversations.

Lesson Outline:

  1. Opening Discussion
    • Discuss ease of starting and ending conversations.
    • Preferences for talking to new people and favorite conversation topics.
  2. Techniques to Show Interest
    • Identify and discuss three ways to show interest in a conversation.
    • Encourage students to practice these techniques.
  3. Reading Passage: The Echo Effect
    • Introduce the concept of echoing to build likability and rapport.
    • Discuss the benefits and practical tips for using the echo effect in social interactions.
  4. Follow-up Questions
    • Clarify understanding of the reading passage.
    • Discuss opinions on the effectiveness of the echo concept in showing interest.
  5. Application Exercises: Echoing Practice
    • Apply the echo concept to provided statements.
    • Practice forming echo questions using appropriate grammar rules.
  6. Mini Dialogue Practice
    • Role-play scenarios where students practice echoing responses to demonstrate interest.
  7. Examples and Exercises
    • Provide examples of showing attention, using echo questions, echo words, WH-questions, and personal responses.
    • Complete exercises to reinforce these techniques.
  8. Role and Application of Techniques Learned
    • Role-play formal business scenarios where students apply techniques to show interest and facilitate conversation development.

Conclusion: The lesson concludes with a review of techniques learned and their importance in effective business communication.

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