Resource Description


  • Learn how to introduce yourself and others professionally.
  • Develop skills for welcoming visitors and engaging in small talk.
  • Understand and practice business etiquette during introductions.


  1. Reading Passage:
    • An article on the etiquette involved in greetings and introductions.
    • Key points include the order of introductions, the use of names and titles, and protocols for different meeting sizes.
  2. Discussion:
    • Engage in a discussion based on the reading passage.
    • Questions include thoughts on the article, personal experiences with introductions, and the importance of introductions.
  3. Responses Practice:
    • Practice responses to common introductory phrases such as “How do you do?” and “Pleased to meet you.”
  4. Dialogue Practice:
    • Read and role-play a dialogue involving the introduction of two colleagues by a host.
  5. Discussion:
    • Reflect on past experiences of introducing oneself in English and the emotional impact of introductions.
  6. Role-play & Challenge:
    • Simulate a scenario where you arrive early for a meeting and need to introduce yourself to someone new at the table.
  7. Responding to Questions/Statements:
    • Practice making small talk and responding to typical conversational prompts from a visitor.
  8. Bonus Exercise:
    • Learn how to end introductions and small talk politely to start a meeting on time.
    • Role-play a scenario where you introduce yourself to someone you’ve communicated with via email but have never met in person, just before a Zoom meeting starts.

This lesson is a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of introductions in a business environment, ensuring that learners are well-prepared to make positive first impressions and engage effectively in professional settings.

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