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Coding and Robotics Teacher Subject file

Get organised!!! This 20-page PDF download will help you get organised to start teaching Coding and Robotics. 

It includes front cover pages for your subject file and some guidance on the time allocation and strands set out by the newly approved 2024  CAPS Coding and Robotics curriculum. Here is a list of the contents of this curriculum:

  • Front covers
  • Teacher timetable (Cover)
  • Time allocation (According to CAPS)
  • Coding and Robotics CAPS Pillars and Strands (According to CAPS)
  • Coding and Robotics Competency levels (According to CAPS)
  • Term overview template (Template)
  • Weekly planning (Template)
  • Lesson plan template (Template)
  • Formal tasks (Cover)
  • Assessment records (Cover)
  • Additional resources (Cover)

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