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1. eg picture poster – use to display in your classroom.
2. write,cut and paste – write the eg word twice in the lines using the first word as the example and then cut out the pictures and paste them next to the correct eg word and then colour the pictures in.
3. match them up – draw a line from the word to the correct picture, use a different colour for each line and then colour in the pictures.
4. colour by eg words – use the colour key below to complete the picture, read the words and the corresponding colour and then complete the picture using the correct colours.
5. Spinner word – use the spinner, write down the new sound that the sinner lands on and then write the et word in the space provided. Write the et words from the word bank into the correct spaced blocks, remember to look if the blocks have space for a handing or tall sound.
6. The hunt is on – colour in all the pictures that are in the eg family
7. beginning sounds – write the new eg word by taking the first sound from each picture and entering it into the corresponding block. Use the colours to help you if you are stuck, then colour the pictures in.
8. Choose the correct word – look at the picture and read both the words, circle the word that is correct and then colour the pictures in.
9. Write sentences – Write sentences by filling in the missing word. Use the picture to help you. When you have completed the sentences, colour the pictures in.
10. Read and choose – Read the sentence and choose the correct word to complete the sentence. When you are complete colour the picture in.
11. Flash cards – Colourful cards with each eg word. Print and use these in teaching and also to put onto your word wall.

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