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Are you a dedicated teacher, homeschooling parent, or simply a concerned parent looking to support your child’s math education? Look no further! Our Grade 8 Maths Term 3 Section Test on Decimal Fractions and Percentages is here to help your students master the fundamental concepts they need to succeed in math.


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Decimal Fractions and Percentages Test Content:


Our comprehensive test covers a range of critical topics within the Fractions section, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your students’ mathematical skills:


Decimal Fractions:

  • Comparing decimal fractions
  • Rounding off decimal fractions
  • Adding and subtracting decimal fractions
  • Multiplying and dividing decimal fractions
  • Squares, cubes and roots of decimal fractions
  • Word problems with decimal fractions


  • Equivalent forms of fractions
  • Calculating percentages
  • Percentage increase and decrease


What’s inside this Decimal Fractions and Percentages Section Test resource:


Question paper:

  • Total marks: 50
  • Time allocation: 1 hour


Answer key:

  • A complete answer key, ensuring clarity and accuracy in assessing your students’ performance.
  • Each problem comes with detailed, step-by-step solutions to help your students understand the correct methods and approaches.
  • Clear mark allocations, making it easier to mark and provide constructive feedback.


How to Use This Decimal Fractions and Percentages Test:


If you are a Teacher:

  • You can use this test at the end of teaching the section in to test your students’ understanding of the concepts taught.
  • You can give this test to your students to use as a revision exercise.
  • You can use this test as an assignment.


If you are a Homeschool Parent:

  • Your child can use this test to check their understanding at the end of going through the Decimal Fractions and Percentages lessons in term 3.
  • They can write the test in the allocated time and then use the answer key to check their work and see how the marks should be allocated.
  • This is great for helping them to practice writing tests and working within a timeframe.
  • Alternatively, you child can use this test as extra practice.


If you are a Parent with a Child Struggling with Math:

  • Your child can use this test as extra revision.
  • Your child can also use this test to practice writing a test in a given timeframe.
  • Once your child has gone through the test, they can use the answer key to help them understand how and where marks are allocated.


Invest in your child’s math education today and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their studies. Our Grade 8 Maths Term 3 Section Test on Decimal Fractions and Percentages is the ideal resource to promote mathematical growth and success. Get ready for math excellence!

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