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This document consists of questions based on a variety of language conventions found in the reading passage supplied. The questions are suitable for grade 9 FAL learners.

The worksheet tests the following:


Parts of speech

Present continuous tense

words often confused: “v” vs “f”, “its” vs “it’s”, “a” vs “an”, “of” vs “off”, “then” vs “than”

Homophones and antonyms

Spelling rules (“cei” vs “cie”, when to double the consonant)

Modal verbs



Root word and prefix

Initialism and Acronym

American vs British spelling

“few” vs “little” and “many” vs “much”

Degrees of comparison

Passive voice

Attempt these questions after the language conventions have been explained and practised.

The document is available in PDF format.

The reading passage is supplied.

A detailed memorandum is supplied.


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