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Two engaging, inquiry-based infographic themed tasks perfect for the intermediate phase, together with an animated memorandum and rubric. Perfect for grade 6, but can be adapted for Grade 5 and 7. PPT and PDF formats. Editable and printable.


These two tasks compliment each other perfectly:

Visual Text Comprehension:

An infographic on infographics with animated memo (20 ÷ 2 = 10 marks)

Informational Writing: Creating an infographic with rubric (20 marks)

The infographic deals with the artful display of information

The Visual Text (on which the comprehension is based) is designed to include many of  the uses, benefits  and techniques

used in an infographic. This will put the learners in good stead for the Writing and Presenting Task. This task involves the

learners creating an infographic on giraffes, based an informational, textual report that is provided.


Also see the English PowerPoint: Informational Writing and the Art of Infographics in Mrs. Morgan’s Moments store


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