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English (H.L.) – Grade 6 – Term 3 – Project – Once Upon a Novel

13 printable pages of assessments accommodating all skills, abilities and cognitive levels.

Section A: Research – author of the book 20 marks
Section B: Reading Comprehension and Summary based on a Book Review. 30 marks
Section C: Analysing a Book Cover and a Blurb 20 marks.
Section D: Writing and Presenting – a Summary of the Novel using a Story Mountain template. 10 marks
Section E: Writing and Presenting – Descriptive Writing – a Book Review. 20 marks
Total : 100/2 = 50 marks

Included in this bundle are the tasks, memorandums, a book review graphic writing organiser, checklist and rubrics. Memorandum is animated for easy review and corrections. Can be adapted for Grade 4 – 6.

These tasks may be used separately for Formal Assessments/Examinations.

See Mrs Morgie’s store for a PowerPoint on the Story Mountain. Mrs Morgie’s Moments

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Grade 6 Term 3 Project

This paper is of great quality and very interesting.

Matthew Dlokova - August 18, 2023