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A 16 slide, animated, PowerPoint Freebie: Finite and Infinitive Verbs. A super visual way to teach children the difference between these verbs.

Included is a quiz to reinforce the concepts covered. Mrs Morgie’s Moments

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Finite and Infinite Verbs

Love it! I have used it a few times.

Carin Styles - January 27, 2023

So nice to hear. I'm chuffed that you are using my resources.

Mrs Morgie's moments - November 30, -0001


Can't wait to use this resource in my classroom! The slides are easy to make sense of are are super cute as well. This is going to help make a difficult concept very easy for my kids.

Abigail Meeding - September 16, 2022

Finite and infinite verbs

Excellent PowerPoint Presentation

GogoB - September 16, 2022

Thank you. It's nice to get positive feedback.

Mrs Morgie's moments - December 29, 2021