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Resource Description

Instructions and use:

Spatial concepts such as under, behind, on top or under, describes the relationship between us and objects as well as the relationships of objects to each other.

It is important for toddlers to understand the concept of where objects are. It helps your child mentally and physically organise things in their world. Being able to describe where an object is, develops language and the ability to be able to express their needs and concerns. Understanding these concepts helps with later success in reading, maths and following directions.

What can my child learn:

1. Spatial concepts.
2. Expand vocabulary.
3. Fine motor skills.
4. Attention to detail.

What is included:

a. Illustrated story book.
b. Worksheets to practice spatial concepts.
– From simple to more complex.
c. Find the pictures game.
d. Bonus ideas to do at home or in the class room.
e. Prepositions games.
f. Colouring pictures to practice the prepositions learned.

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