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Colourful blocks are falling from the top of the slide and need to be put in a specific position to be able to fit into each other. These puzzle pieces will make a square once you have answered all the questions about 3D shapes.

This interactive lesson consists of:

– Naming 3D shapes (rectangular prism, sphere, triangular prism, cube, cone, pyramid)

– Identifying other examples of specific 3D shapes around us

– Discussing shapes, corners and faces of 3D shapes

– Sorting 3D shapes

– Identifying 3D shapes around you

Did you complete the puzzle? Were you able to be spies and find all the 3D shapes around you?

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Slides: 14

Subject: Mathematics

Content: Space and shape

Format Type: PowerPoint Presentation

Suitable for: Grade 1

Group size: Unlimited

Copyright: Sense Education 2022


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