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Teaching kids at an early age about money management will help them in their adult lives to use money responsibly. Teaching your child the difference between earing, spending and saving will make them better money managers who are able to budget. It helps them understand the value of money and help them make better financial decisions later on in life.

Giving your child an allowance and letting them make decisions on how to spend the allowance, helps them understand how to plan and save for items they want.

What can my child learn:
1. Moral of the story.
2. Learn to work with money.
3. Expand vocabulary.
4. Improve memory.
5. Positive and negative numbers.
6. The story book can be used as a reading book for Grade 2 & 3.

What is included:
1. A story book for children aged 4+.
2. Coin cards to play the games.
3. Playing cards to play the games.
4. Play mat for game to teach positive and negative values.
5. Instructions for 3 different games.

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