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Gr.8 History Term 4: The First World War with beautiful visual illustrations.

This product works well for presentations in the classroom, as well as for exam preparation. Effective motivational and visual learning aid that organizes learning outcomes. These materials address the cognitive processes that pay attention to categorization, memorization, and knowledge acquisition. (Works very well for learners with ADHD, autism, and other learning disorders.)

A Powerpoint presentation (84pages) and PDF Summary (18 pages, print-friendly) are included in this product.


UNIT 4.1: Reasons why the First World War broke out
UNIT 4.2: Aspects of Experiences During World War I
UNIT 4.3: The changing role of women in the workplace in Britain during the 1st World War
UNIT 4.4: The defeat of Germany & the Treaty of Versailles

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Grade 8 History

I'm glad to leave a positive review for grade 8 history summaries! These summaries are informative and well-organized, making it easy for students to grasp key historical concepts. The use of clear language and concise explanations is commendable, as it helps young learners engage with the material effectively. Overall, these summaries are a valuable resource for grade 8 students studying history, and they contribute to a better understanding of our past. Great job!

Lourene liebenberg - October 10, 2023

helpful alot

helpful alot, This materials make teaching easy

Mandla Ngo - October 29, 2022

Really Excellent

Helped to explain the reasons for WW1 very well and assisted my student in the exams.

Olivia Hardy - September 16, 2022