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Book consist of 24 + 11 pages, covering the vowels a, i and o as well as the consonants t, p, m, n, d and g. Two pages per phonic. Includes handwriting exercises of small and capital letter of the sound, sound recognition, circle pictures beginning with the sound as well as recognizing the sound at the beginning, end or middle of a word by saying the name of a picture. Also, four pages of blending to make words and the beginning of building short words with the sounds learned. The whole book is set according to CAPS and cover the first term. The last part of the book, 11 pages, are for the teacher. Short guidelines as well as answers to the questions in the book. Book 2 in this series covers the rest of the vowels and consonants as well as word families as set in CAPS for the second term.

Gr 1 Phonics Term 1


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