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22 x Pages of Questions & 22 Pages of Answers

The revision worksheet covers: Converting Measures; Finding Volumes; Coloring Fractions; Determining Volume of Cubes; Identifying Fractions; Fractions in their Simplest Form; Finding the Sum of Fractions; Determining numbers – Before, After and Between; Largest number in each Group; Counting; Rounding off Numbers; Determining missing numbers in sequences; Smallest to Largest; Identifying Odd & Even Numbers in Groups; Number Patterns; Comparing Numbers >,,<, or = to; Equivalent Fractions; Placing Numbers in Correct Sequence: Simplest Form; Sums with Numbers & Fractions; Matching questions to answers; Identifying Shapes; Measuring Breadth and Width; Placing information on a Graph; Finding the Sum; Input and Output; Finding the Product; Consumer Story Sums; Before, After & Between; Time; Converting Time; Multiplication Table; Addition & Subtractions Wheels; Perimeter; Determining Missing Numbers; Expanded Notation; Order of Numbers from Lowest to Highest

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