!ONTHOU! - Die finale kwaliteitsversekering van enige assessering is steeds die verantwoordelikheid van die onderwyser. - Elke onderwyser is verantwoordelik daarvoor om seker te maak dat die inhoud van die vraestel wel in die klaskamer onderrig is en dat leerders vertroud is met die werk. - Assesserings word in Word formaat gestuur om u in staat te stel om die nodige veranderinge aan te bring. - Assesserings mag nie met ander persone of op onderwysgroepe gedeel word sonder die toestemming van Wiskunde Onnie. !REMEMBER! - The final quality assurance of any assessment remains the responsibility of the educator. - Each educator must ensure that the content of the assessment has been taught in class and that all learners are familiar with the work. - Assessments are sent in Word format to enable educators to make the necessary changes. - Assessments may not be shared with other educators or on educational platforms without the necessary permission from Wiskunde Onnie.

Resource Description

Grade: 5
Subject: Mathematics
Format: PDF and Word (This allows quick and easy editing.)
The lesson plan is based on the 2023/2024 revised ATP.
Whether you are a first-time teacher or have all the experience in the world and are looking for something to submit to your Departmental Head – this is the solution to all your problems.
Lesson plans are done daily and include the following:
Prerequisite skills or pre-knowledge.
Key points.
Introduction to new material.
Guided practice.
Independent Practice.
Extension Activity.
Teacher reflection.

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