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Grade 6 Mathematics Annual Revision Paper 5 (Q&A)
Consists of 23 Pages of Questions and 23 Pages of Answers (Total 46 Pages)
Includes: Place Values; Standard Notation; Expanded Notation; Rounding off Numbers; Order of Numbers lowest to highest; Identifying Odd Numbers; Identifying Highest Numbers; . Comparing numbers > than < than and = to; Prime Factors; Multiplication and Division Match-up; Counting Sequences; Integers; Solving problems division, Finding the difference: Finding the Product: Identifying Fractions; Shading in fractions; Number lines Decimals, Equivalent fractions; Converting fractions to decimals; Converting mixed fractions to Improper fractions; Adding and Subtracting fractions; Number lines Mixed fractions; Percentage; Reading time; Time passages; Converting time; Reading thermometers; Shading in temperatures on a thermometer; Identifying Reflex, obtuse and acute angles; Measuring lines; Identifying Shapes; Calculating Perimeter; Length conversions; Volume cubes; Story Sums; Consumer shopping problems; Placing information on a Bar Graph and Math Puzzles

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