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This product contains all the summaries, mind maps and worksheets for term 3 for SS Grade 6, based on the “Oxford” textbook.

Geography – Climate and vegetation around the world

Unit 1:  Climate around the world.
Unit 2:  Tropical rain forests.
Unit 3:  Hot deserts.
Unit 4:  Coniferous forests.

History – Democracy and citizenship in South Africa

Unit 1:  How people govern themselves in a democracy.
Unit 2:  Rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.
Unit 3:  Children’s rights and responsibilities.
Unit 4:  National symbols since 1994.

The package consists of:

Overview with new words for the term.
Mind map of the terms’ work.
Activities with answers.
Extensive summaries in colour with pictures and / or photos.
Worksheets with memorandums.

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