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English Home Language Gr 8 paper (total 50 marks). Can be used for a test, exam or revision paper. Suitable for grade 8 or 9. Pdf for easy access, printing and editing. Full memo with marking directions included.

Difficulty level: moderate. All level questions are used according to Bloom’s taxonomy. CAPS aligned. Following ATP guidelines.

Tests learner’s previous knowledge gained in primary school, as well as newly acquired knowledge obtained in Grade 8.

The paper consists of 3 questions.

Question 1 – Multiple choice and short questions on comprehension on the extract given.

Question 2 – Two cartoons. Multiple choice, short questions and longer questions on the cartoons. Language and context based.

Question 3 – Language-based questions, including:

Theme: Dork diary (NB. No previous knowledge of the book is required. The paper was set with this theme to test the knowledge of the learners, but to also make it entertaining.)

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