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Do you want to be a detective for a while? Let’s put on our detective hats and pick up our magnifying glasses to look for words with “ir”, “ur” and “er” in it. What do you see?

This interactive lesson consists of:

– Discussing “ir”, “ur” and “er”

– Finding words with “ir”, “ur” and “er” in it

– Finding “er” words in sentences

– Unjumbling “ir” words

– Matching “ur” words with the correct pictures and sentences

– Finding “ir”, “ur” and “er” pictures within big pictures

– Filling in the missing words

– Unjumbling sentences

– Identifying the correct spelling

– Putting “ir”, “ur” and “er” words into sentences

– Dictation activity

I spy with my little eye someone who knows all about the “ir”, “ur” and “er” sounds.

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Slides: 30

Subject: English

Content: Phonics

Format Type: PowerPoint Presentation

Suitable for: Grade 2 – 3

Group size: Unlimited

Copyright: Sense Education 2022


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