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Resource Description

Looking for a fun way to teach idioms? This comprehensive and engaging lesson plan is designed to introduce students to idioms, enhancing their language skills and cultural understanding. Perfect for busy teachers, this ready-made resource is ideal for year-round use in any English Language Arts curriculum (Grade 3 – 12). It is also great for ESL/EFL/ELL students and home-schooling.

Included in this resource:

✨️ Idioms matching activity:

–  A worksheet featuring ten idioms and their meanings.

–  Students match each idiom with its correct meaning, familiarizing

themselves with these expressions.

✨️ Gap-fill with idioms:

–  Sentences with blanks for students to fill in the correct idiom from the list.

–  This activity reinforces understanding and encourages contextual use of


✨️ Interactive games:

–  Memory Game: Game cards with idioms and meanings. Students take turns

flipping cards to find matching pairs.

–  Snap Game: Players race to match idioms with their meanings, promoting

quick thinking and recall.

✨️ Answer sheets for autonomous learning:

–  Comprehensive answer sheets for self-assessment, facilitating independent


⚡️ The Importance of Learning Idioms:

Idioms make language more vivid and expressive, aiding in comprehension and communication. They appear frequently in literature and everyday conversation, making them essential for language proficiency.

This idiom lesson plan integrates seamlessly into the English Language Arts curriculum, providing an educational break from standard grammar and vocabulary lessons. It supports continuous learning and usage of idiomatic expressions throughout the year.

Benefits for you, the teacher! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Ready-made lesson plan saves preparation time

Engaging, diverse activities cater to various learning styles

Suitable for a wide age range and language proficiency levels

Encourages autonomous learning with provided answer sheets


You can use this lesson if you are short on prep time, if you just need a break, or you can use it as an emergency sub plan! It would also be a great morning activity and bell ringer.


The idioms in this lesson are:

Out of the blue

Once in a blue moon

Blue in the face

Feeling blue

Blue blood

Blue-eyed boy

Blue collar

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Talk a blue streak

Blue ribbon


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