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This PDF consists of 11 A4 flashcards of common vegetables. Each flash card includes the English and isiZulu word and a picture.
Flash Cards can be used to teach and reinforce the vocabulary for vegetables in isiZulu. Flash Cards can be used for posters, games or cards for reading and speaking.
The flash cards can be printed smaller by printing 2 or 4 on a page.

The flash cards include:
– tomato (utamatisi)
– spinach (isipinashi)
– lettuce (ulethisi)
– carrot (ukherothi)
– beans (ubhontshisi)
– pumpkin (ithanga)
– onion (uanyanisi)
– mushroom (ikhowe)
– corn (ukolweni)
– potato (amazambane)
– cucumber (ikhukhamba)

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A4 Flash Cards English and isiZulu words. Each flash card includes a picture.