isiZulu Shape Posters and a set of shape matching cards.


Resource Description

This resource is made up of a shapes (isimo) poster, 10 sunflower shape cards and 10 shape cards. Under each shape is the isizulu word for the shape. I have included three versions of this resource.
A full colour version
A colour version but with a white background
A black and white version

There are various ways in which this resource can be used. Some ideas are

The teacher can point to a shape on the poster. The child/children can the look for the shape amongst the shape cards and match it to the shape the teacher is pointing out.
The children can play a matching game whereby the children match the sunflower card to the corresponding shape card.
The shape cards can be used as flashcards.
A game of memory can be played. The children would need to match the sunflower shape card to the corresponding shape card.
A game of “What’s missing?” can be played. The teacher chooses three or four cards. The children look at them. The children look away and the teacher removes one card. The children look again and say which card is missing from the row.
The teacher can call out a short list of shapes. The child needs to put the the shape cards down in the order that the teacher said them.
The teacher can give the children certain properties of a shape. E.g. I have four equal sides. The children then need to look through the cards and identify which shape the teacher is talking about.

Please note that I do not speak isiZulu and all my isiZulu resources have come together from the work that I do for an N.P.O. I have spent many hours researching and finding words, phrases etc that can assist in creating much needed isiZulu resources.

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