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Numbers and Operations

Counts out 50 objects ( can be done orally, pack out 50 objects and listen to the learner count in sequence)
Says which collection of numbers is more/fewer
Addition and subtraction sums
Addition and subtraction word sums
Counts forwards in 2’s,5’s and 10’s (80)
Order numbers from the greatest to the smallest
Decomposes numbers11-15 into 10’s and ones ( 15 = 10 + 5)
Place value of numbers
Solves problems involving sharing and grouping
Does repeated addition up to 15
Solve word problems using repeated addition
Recognises South African currency and solves money problems involving rands or cents (20c- R20)
Ordinal numbers – Fill in the ordinal numbers on the number line and answers questions
Writes number symbols 1-20 and number names 1-10
Completes number sequences of counting in 1’s,2’s 5’s and 10’s (100)

Space and shape
Recognise and names 2d shapes and sorts according to straight and curved lines
Recognises and names 3d shapes and sorts them according to shapes that can roll and slide

Estimate, measure, order, record and compare the mass using non-standardised measurement
Knows the days of the week

Data Handling
Answer questions about data in a pictograph

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