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The cargo ships need to get to the other side of the port. We can help by identifying what “sh” pictures the ships are carrying. Then complete a variety of “sh” word tasks and watch the cargo ships move to the right port.

This interactive lesson consists of:

– Recognising the “sh” sound

– Discussing things that start and end with a “sh” sound

– Listening to a story and identify the words that start and end with an “sh”

– Identifying what “sh” words and pictures

– Use coordinates to find ships

– Filling in the missing letters

– Reading sentences with “sh” words

– sh word Bingo

– Spelling “sh” words game

– Building “sh” words

– Dictation

Well done! You helped all of the cargo ships and got to learn all about “sh” words.

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Slides: 13

Subject: English

Content: Phonics

Format Type: PowerPoint Presentation

Suitable for: Grade 1

Group size: Unlimited

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