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Resource Description

Introducing the multi-colored Alphabet pages!

This is a printable resource.

This pack includes 1:1 pages of each letter of the alphabet.

The borders around each letter are following rainbow order.

This resource can foundation phase learners recognize their letters.

This design is very affordable and would be a great addition to any classroom.

Each letter has a corresponding picture.

Each picture was drawn by myself.

The pictures used are:

  • apple
  • ball
  • cat
  • dog
  • egg
  • flower
  • grandmother
  • house
  • ink
  • jacket
  • key
  • laptop
  • mushroom
  • nurse
  • owl
  • pencil
  • question mark
  • rabbit
  • sun
  • tent
  • umbrella
  • vase
  • whale
  • x-ray
  • yarn
  • zebra

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