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11 Multiplication fact quiz videos. These timed videos quiz your learners on the multiplication facts from 2 – 12. You have 5 seconds to answer each of the 25 questions and answers are given at the end. The questions are posed in such a way that they encourage students to think about ways to calculate rather than just memorize.


Resource Description

A collection of 11 Multiplication Fact Quiz videos. Each video contains 25 questions related to a particular multiplication fact from 2 – 12. The questions are scaffolded and include the multiples of 10. For example, 4 x 3 = ? so 40 x 3 = ?
Each question is also timed so students have 5 seconds to answer it.
An answer key is provided at the end so that students can self mark and discuss any patterns they have noticed.
To preview this product, watch the video here:

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