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This effective science reading passages pack will allow you to review reading techniques while also covering science for the week! All this while knowing most of the work is done for you. Topics include physical properties and states of matter.
Part I – Properties of Objects & Materials
Reading Passage 1: Observable Physical Properties of Objects & Materials
Reading Passage 2: Measuring Physical Properties
Reading Passage 3: Classification of Matter
Reading Passage 4: States of Matter
Reading Passage 5: Change of Phase
Science Reading Comprehension Outline:
These passages are designed for 3rd and 4th grade. There are pictures and graphs to help explain key areas and each lesson is CCSS aligned. Feel free to practice science reading with the knowledge that most of the work is done for you as there is very little prep required.
Passages include a range of questions, including multiple choice, analyzing data and gap-filling. There is a mix of high-interest and curriculum-based science topics.
These lessons can be used for whole class instruction, morning work, desk work, small groups, sub plans, homework or holiday work.
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