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Preschool-Kindergarten/ESL/Homeschool Beginning sounds – Letters Aa-Zz.

Beginning Sounds: The beginning sounds form a part of the early stages of reading and is in a form of a PDF that could be used on your laptop or printed and laminated to last longer. Sound out the letter with your child, and let them tell you the name of the character(in the main free product of my store you will find the lesson which introduces the characters).

Sound out the letter and then say the word which starts with the beginning letter. Questions could be added. Examples: What color/colour is the apple? What shape is the acorn? What can you see in the last circle of the letter a? In this PDF you will focus on the lowercase letters.

After discussing the letter, sound, and word, your child can move to complete the worksheets which correspond to the topic discussion slide.

Once your child has completed the 1st set of worksheets, they can then move on to completing the mixed worksheets. These worksheets have different activities such as counting, drawing, reading, writing, and matching. Each page offers a different activity.

What is included?

A PDF – Topic Discussion -Lowercase letter words – In color/colour – Could be printed and used in class or used on a laptop if printing is not needed. ( 9 pages -(1 Page – Terms of use).

A PDF – Letter, picture, word(Pic-Word). 27 pages (1-page Terms of Use).

A worksheet for each letter to correspond with the pictures discussed on the topic discussion PDF. (Black and White pages)

A PDF – Read, Draw, Count, and Write – 27 pages (1-page Terms of Use).

A worksheet for each of the letters with different activities to enjoy. (In color, could be printed in greyscale)

This Pdf has a mix of upper and lowercase letters.

Make sure that the device you intend to use this product on supports PDFs

The lesson duration will depend on the number of students and how you decide to present the lesson.

Thank you for your support!

The English version is not the same as the Afrikaans version.

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