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Creativity is the key to success. To cherish creativity in kids is a gift that will help your child for the rest of their lives. Creativity is not just the ability to play a music instrument or art. It is also the starting point for concepts such as mathematics and science. Creativity helps your child to express their emotions and assists with social development.

Creativity has additional advantages, such as:
* Improves mental health
* Improves the ability to solve problems
* Improves the ability to effectively deal with disappointments or changes.
* Improves curiosity.

What can my child learn:
1. Creativity.
2. Expand vocabulary.
3. Fine motor skills.
4. Scissor skills.
5. Story memory.
6. Starting point for recognition of shapes.
7. Attention to detail.

What is included:
1. Fun story with beautiful illustrations.
2. Questions about the story.
3. Colouring picture.
4. Cards to play memory game.
5. Crown patterns and instructions.

* Party idea or class activity.

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