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As a Special Needs teacher, it was hard to find enough reading material for struggling learners at a basic level. 

I always had to jump from one reading series to another without continuity in building vocabulary.

 ‘my own’ reading series:

enjoy reading about Mika and her family 

with plenty of practice at a basic level

with a progressive storyline 

focusing on a child’s environment and growing interaction with people

learning a few new words with each book

building up a controlled list of vocabulary

–  Each color-coded Reading Book is in the format of a coloring-in book allowing learners to personalise their booklet.

–  Each color-coded Workbook has activities related to the story and a list of new words learned. 

–  Teacher resource: flashcards: cut out 

Collect the series until you have a rainbow of stories.


book 9 – the box (imaginary play)

book 10 – Mama’s bag (school sports day)

book 11 – Mama is not here (Dad looking after kids)

book 12 – we go to Mama (getting ready for a road trip)

How to print a booklet:

The order for printing differs from the order you see in your PDF document. When you print a booklet, the multi-page document will print side by side on separate sheets of paper and then be folded and stapled together.

[booklet 12 pages = 3xA4 paper; booklet 16 pages = 4xA4 paper]

Print a multi-page document as a booklet:

1.      Choose File > Print.

2.      Select a printer from the menu

3.      In the Pages to Print area, > All 

4.      Under Page Sizing & Handling, > Booklet.


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