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Give your learners targeted sight word fluency practice and easily keep track of their progress with these handy booklets. They are also great for reading homework and intervention.

The booklets consist of 220 sight words based on the Dolch sight words list and is spread over 2 booklets. Each booklet has 11 lists, and each list has 10 sight words on the one side and on the other side it has fluency phrases with the same words, to help with reading fluency.

Learners work through each list at their own pace. When a learner is able to read a list with accuracy and fluency, they get a sticker on the front cover for that list and then move on to the next list.  (Learners are usually very motivated to get a sticker and move to the next list).

On each page. there are tick boxes for every word, so you can mark the words that learners are still struggling with. You can also write the date that they read or complete each list.

Checklists are also included for both booklets (classlist and individual checklists), to keep track of which list each learner is on.

The booklets are easy to assemble. Just print regular portrait style, double-sided. As it comes out of the printer, you just fold the whole thing in half, length wise, and staple

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