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Dear Teacher/ Liewe Juffrou

We have done all the hard work for you to create your own quiz game.
Create multiple lessons.
This Power Point Game can also be used for Afrikaans Teachers as all the text can be edited.

Keep the original Snow White Game as your master copy.
As soon as you begin to insert your own questions, save the lesson under your own file name.
There are 10 questions – insert your own questions on the slides.
Each question slide have 2 options for either wrong or correct answers. Insert your own text.
When the learner selects A or B – click on the A or B.
When the wrong answer is selected, the “witch” slide will open. Click on the slide to move to the next slide.
The “bad Queen” slide will open to give the learner another chance. Click on the “Yes” button.
When the “correct” answer is selected, the next question slide will open.
Remember to save your lessons under the new file names for each lesson.
Enjoy and have fun!

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This is a Power Point Lesson. Have some fun in your classroom.