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Learn and Practice Deportes / Sports in Spanish with Interactive Games; in this particular case, “Memory Game” which produces numerous benefits for your students, beyond the entertainment they provide for them.  There is a varied catalog of proposals for activities to work at school or home. Memory games occupy a special place on this list of ideas. And, in addition, they produce numerous benefits. They have a simple format since the essential objective of this experience is to promote memorization, recognition, identification, and classification of information.  This type of activity is available in traditional format and also digital. These games have a specific theme: letters, images, or numbers. Thus, they have educational value. Analyzing the benefits and opportunities of these activities are:

1st Empowers the visual memory,

2nd Exercises the short-term memory,

3rd Establishes relationships and connections in the brain,

4th Externalizes maximum concentration,

5th Increases brain activity,

6th Collaborates with the process of cognitive abilities, and

7th Activates the emotional intelligence of your students.


First, Practice the words following the slides. Then, Play it as a PPT and use your mouse. Just press on the square of the coordinates you picked to see your cards, If the 2 cards don’t match, flip the cards by pressing the red X by each picture; Keep guessing after all cards are matched. Press Start Again (red circle), if you want to play another round.


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This file includes a PowerPoint Presentation Interactive Game to play virtually or as a whole classroom practice activity. Contains 12 slides

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