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Let the gala begin! Who is the most competitive swimmer and wins the race? The learners answer questions about plurals to find out who comes first, second, third and fourth in the race. End the lesson off with a spin the wheel game.

This interactive game consists of:

– Discussing singular and plural

– Discussing the rule when you add -ies to a word that ends in a consonant and a y

– Identifying the correct spelling of plurals

– Reading sentences

– Changing words from singular to plural

– Changing words from plural to singular

– Finding hidden plurals in a word search

– Filling in the missing -ies words in sentences

– Spinning a wheel and changing words to plural

– Writing plurals in sentences

No matter what happens, just keep swimming!

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Slides: 18

Subject: English

Format Type: PowerPoint Presentation

Suitable for: Grade 2 – 3

Group size: 4 learners / 4 groups

Copyright: Sense Education


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