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This is a bundle package with all 3 stages of the term 3 project, suitable for grade 7-9

Topic – Facts about a song. Learners need to choose a song and research it (who wrote it, how many awards has it won, what is the meaning, etc.) They then will write a speech using their research based on the song. Finally, they will present it to the class.

The package includes:

  • Project summary – brief overview of what needs to be done
  • Stage 1 – research question paper with space for learners to answer the questions
  • Stage 2 – Writing rubric – to assess the speech
  • Stage 3 – presentation rubric – tp assess the presentation

These resources are uploaded in word format, making it easy for you to edit where necessary and add in details such as school name, name of moderator, grade, etc.

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Term 3 English (Grade 7-9) Project Home Language

Hi There Thank you for this lovely project. I am having a problem downloading the project summary. it downloads stage 3 of the project instead. Please send me the project summary.

Carin Styles - June 1, 2023


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