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Articulation is important because it helps your child to pronounce sounds, words and sentences clearly. Clear speech helps your child to clearly state their wants and needs and helps other people to easily understand them. Good articulation develops a child’s self esteem and promotes emotional growth.

What can my child learn:
1. Reader for Grade 1 & 2.
2. Practice the b-sound.
3. Br-sound and bl-sounds.
4. Expand vocabulary.
New words:
* Optometrist
* Appointment
* Waiting room
* Receptionist
* Eye chart
* Lenses
5. Attention to detail.
6. Listening exercise.

Read the story slowly and use grouping where two to three words are read.Wait 2 seconds and continue reading the rest of the sentence in the same manner.

Every time your child hears the b-sound, he or she must clap their hands or put a bead in a container. Very good coordination and listening exercise.

1. Bingo game.
2. Playmat to practice the bl- and br-sounds.

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