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Are you in search of comprehensive worksheets to teach how Volume and Surface Area of Basic Prisms? This bundle of worksheets perfectly complements my educational math video lesson on Volume and Surface Area of Basic Prisms, currently accessible for free on YouTube!


Whether you’re an educator seeking classroom materials, a parent in need of extra practice sheets for a maths-challenged child, or a homeschooling parent looking for an effective maths-teaching tool, these worksheets (and video lesson) are just what you need!


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What’s Inside this Volume and Surface Area of Basic Prisms worksheet bundle:


Concepts covered in this Volume and Surface Area of Basic Prisms lesson:​


  • Prisms
  • Nets
  • Surface area
  • Capacity
  • Volume


  • Converting between mm, cm and m
  • Converting between mm², cm² and m²
  • Converting between mm³, cm³ and m³
  • Converting between cm³ and ml
  • Converting between m³ and kl

Volume of prisms

  • Area of base x height
  • Formulae for calculating volume of rectangular prisms (cuboids), cubes and triangular prisms

Calculating volume, capacity and surface area

  • Triangular prisms
  • Rectangular prisms
  • Cubes


Volume and Surface Area of Basic Prisms Lesson Examples:

  • The lesson worksheet mirrors the examples covered in the video lesson, making it easier for students to follow along (if using the video, which is optional).
  • Some sections provide spaces for students to fill in directly, minimizing the need for extensive note-taking and allowing them to focus on understanding the concepts.


Extra Exercises:

To reinforce and apply the concepts learned in the video, our worksheets include an extra exercise section. These exercises provide valuable opportunities for students to practice independently and develop their skills further.


Detailed Answer Sheets:

No need to guess if you got it right! Each worksheet comes with comprehensive answer sheets that include fully worked-out solutions. These step-by-step solutions serve as valuable tools for self-assessment, helping students understand the problem-solving process.


How to utilize this resource:

For Teachers:

  • Utilize the worksheet with explanations, worked-out examples, and practice questions during teaching sessions.
  • Assign the exercise for additional in-class work or homework.


For Homeschool Parents:

  • Begin with the worksheet linked to a full video lesson via a QR code.
  • After the lesson, engage your child with a comprehensive exercise for further practice.
  • Refer to the answer key for a detailed review.


For Parents with Math-Challenged Children:

  • Your child can use the lesson video for further help with understanding the concept they are struggling with.
  • They can also use the exercise for extra practice examples.


This worksheet bundle aligns with the South African CAPS curriculum.


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