• Fun Business Studies Activities
  • Lesson material that embodies the most modern practices in education and teaching methodology.

    Lesson worksheets are learner-centered and designed to convey the learning outcomes in the most engaging and fun way possible. Lessons include discussion activities, video tutorials, articles, classroom games, role plays, research, presentations, as well as assessment of the learning outcome.

    Activities are based around learner groups in which each task requires collaboration between group members. Groups compete with each other and are awarded points on the basis of how well they have performed.

    In addition, each worksheet comes with a detailed teacher’s guide. The guide directs the teacher on how to facilitate each activity in the classroom. This includes detailed instructions for each activity, practical suggestions on classroom management and additional material.

    The purpose of the worksheet and teacher’s guide is to convey important concepts to the learners while keeping them engaged and participative. The material ensures the lesson is as productive as it can be, while reducing the pre-lesson preparation and in-class effort required by the teacher, as all the material and classroom management instructions are included.

    The material also aims to improve standardization of lessons between different teachers and across different subject areas/grades. If followed properly, learners will receive a similar classroom experience from one teacher to the next.

    Finally, the worksheets are designed with the 4th industrial revolution in mind, which emphasizes the ‘softer’ skills: creativity, complex problem solving, coordinating with others, teamwork, negotiation and powers of persuasion.